Profile of KART Community Based Organization Situated in Kwale County

Kwale Arts CBO abbreviated as KART CBO is a Youth – Led Community Based Organization legally registered with the department of Social Services in 2002 (reg.DSS/KWL/MTG/19/2002).Currently, the group is officed at the Kwale cultural Centre premises within Kwale town of Matuga Sub County Kwale County.

Founded on theatrical background KART is a hub of talented thespians that professionally use theatre for community good as well as self sustenance. KART uses Theatre for Development (Participatory Education Theatre/PET and Magnet Theatre/MT) as an approach towards enhancing positive behavior change within the society. As well KART applies other participatory approaches such as Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), Education Through Listening (ETL) and training workshops in reaching out to the communities to achieve the same.

Covering the entire County, KART addresses the following five thematic areas:

  • Talent
    KART recognizes and appreciates the abundant youthful talent and skills across Kwale county. With specific interest in Performing Arts, KART aims at taping and nurturing young unexploited talent well aware that this is an economically viable lucrative platform for the youth to invest in.
  • This programme literally encompasses all components of health including Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health (ASRH), Drug and Substance abuse, Family Planning and Water & Sanitation amongst others.
  • Civic Education
    Primarily this program endeavors at promoting respect for human rights with bias to child protection. It also incorporates human rights activism with the aim of reaching equality and equity across board. As well the programme involves building the capacity of the county citizenry in regard to Leadership and Good Governance, Citizen Participation among others.
  • Education
    This entails advocacy for child education especially the girl child. The program endeavors to enhance improved academic performances at all levels of education within the county.
  • Environmental Conservation & Agriculture
    Primarily, this program aims at enhancing community participation, responsible and sustainable use of natural resources.It also aims at enticing the youth to invest in agri business as a source of sustainable income.

From community and stage theatre KART has over the years successfully transited into filming for both edutainment as well as economical purposes. Outstanding talent has been tapped, nurtured and linked to different production and filming companies nationwide

KART is headed by an executive committee that oversees the organization’s day to day activities. In order of protocol the committee is comprised of the Executive Director, a Programs coordinator, Accountant, an Administrator and the Head of Performing Arts department respectively. Above the executive committee sits a 5 member Steering Board that provides guidance, oversight and Technical support to the organization. Below the Executive Committee are 4 Programs Officers overseeing the four Programmatic/Thematic Areas and finally the field facilitators at the bottom.

Since initiation the CBO has partnered with affiliate community groups, organizations and other stake holders in various projects and programmes including:

  • The County Government of Kwale – KART has been using County Government forums as platforms to sensitize and educate the society on different topical issues
  • European Union through Plan Kenya on a Violence Against Children (VAC) project
  • APHIA PLUS on Reproductive Health (RH)
  • CSA on Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health (ASRH) and KOLA on civic education to the general community.
  • HACI through PLAN on awareness creation on HIV/AIDS to the general community.
  • KWAP on awareness creation on HIV/AIDS.
  • CACC/TOWA on behavior change with regard to HIV & AIDS.
  • FPAK on behavior change to youth.
  • PSI on Malaria.

    If you would like to get in touch with them contact


Author: youthcountyprojects

This platform seeks to fill the knowledge and awareness gap regarding youth projects being implemented in the 47 counties in Kenya. It also highlights projects focusing on youth being implemented in 47 counties in Kenya by the national government,county governments,donor agencies,civil society organisations (CSOs),Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs),Donor Agencies,Community Based Organisations (CBOs),private sector and individuals and their impact to the communities. The projects lie within the social pillar,economic pillar and political pillar as enshrined in Vision 2030. Email: Facebook Page: Youth Projects Kenya Twitter : @YouthProjects

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