KCDF Youth Development Programme in 9 Counties

The Youth Development Programme (YDP) continued to strengthen the organisation and leadership capacity of youth led and youth serving organisation across the country that it works with.
The programme made deliberate efforts in promoting and nurturing youth entrepreneurship & livelihood skills transfer aimed at promoting opportunities for young Kenyans to access employment as well as create jobs for themselves and others.
Some of the grantees that KCDF worked with include:
Naivasha Partners For Change (NAPAC)
Naivasha Partners For Change (NAPAC) is a non- profit, non-political and youth led CBO registered in April 2009. The group’s activities centre on helping the youths to lead healthier and quality lives through challenging them to realise and utilise their potential.
NAPAC is producing and marketing products made from recycled plastics in Naivasha, Rift Valley. The project targets 120 youths to empower them with entrepreneurship skills in Naivasha within a period of twelve months. The grant provided will enable the group to impart skills among the target population on collection, sorting and cleaning waste polythene papers which will in turn be used to make products for sale hence the expected acquisition of entrepreneurship skills.
Pamoja Women Group
Pamoja Women Group was formed by women aged between 17 – 30 years formerly members of the Pamoja Youth Group established in November 2006. It is centrally based and active in Butula Constituency of Busia County and registered as a women group.
Pamoja Women Group is implementing a “Rural Women 2 Bodaboda Initiative (RWOBI)” project with a target of 100 unemployed and unskilled low income rural women and youths who are the backbone of the rural economies. The grant provided will enable the group to impart entrepreneurship knowledge and skills through training, provision of capital for micro & small rural enterprises and localised business advisory services to rural young women and youths for self employment/income.
Smart Options Self Help Group

Smart Options Self Help Group is a registered Community Based Organisation operating in Garissa District in the Northern Kenya. The CBO constitutes young women of an average age of 23 years of age with the vision of providing leadership in Environmental conservation as well as demystify cultural discrimination of women in Northern Kenya.
Smart Options’ project; “Making Garissa a Cleaner City through Garbage Recycling” is a response to the overwhelming presence of used plastics that lie all over the roadways through- out the community. The grant provided will enable the group to spearhead waste management which would then provide innovative and interesting opportunities of employment in enterprise development, management, and marketing strategies for its members.

Vijana Tuishi Self Help Group

Vijana Tuishi Self Help Group was formed in 2004 with a vision of empowering young people in Nyando District and the surrounding community to mitigate social economic challenges. Vijana Tuishi Self Help Group is implementing a: “Nyando Youth Entrepreneurship Support Project“ targeting 150 youths involved in agri – business, general trading and those aspiring to venture into business but lack proper training and capital.
The grant provided will enable the group to address the challenge of unemployment by equip- ping youths with entrepreneurship skills in farming, using new technologies and the formation of business forums and associations of young entrepreneurs to enable them start and grow their businesses.
Community Support Initiative (CSI)
Community Support Initiative (CSI) is a CBO located in Busia District and was formed in 2004 with the aim of addressing food insecurity through promotion of horticultural production and poultry for both house hold consumption and income generation. Targeting 100 out of school youth in the age bracket of 18 – 35 years CSI is implementing a project titled: “Improvement of household Income through Fish Farming”.
The grant provided will enable the group to introduce modern fish farming as an alternative income generating activity in the community and within a period of three years, this will benefit more than 100 youth directly and indirectly through gaining entrepreneurship skills that come with the trade as well as gain from the formation of a Sacco.
Migungani Youth Group
Migungani Youth Group is a 15 member Self Help Group registered in 2007 and located in Ganze District in the Coast Region. The groups main activities centre on tree nursery planting & agro-forestry, horticultural farming, poultry keeping and individual small business enterprises. Migungani Youth Group is targeting 225 out of school, disabled and orphaned youths together with those with families not currently engaged in any formal employment in the implementation of “Production of Quality Interlocking Stabilised Soil Blocks (ISSB)” project.
The grant provided will enable the group to not only improve housing in the area and its environs but also to create employment for the youth which will improve literacy levels for the youths as well as decrease poverty levels and social vices in the community.
PCEA Eastleigh Community Centre (PCEA-ECC)
Eastleigh Community Centre (ECC) is a faith based Non – Governmental Organisation founded in 1959 by the United Church of Northern India to cater for the destitute Asians who lived in the area then. The Centre identifies critical issues that concern the communities. ECC is implementing “Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurship Skills Transfer Initiatives in informal settlements in Nairobi” project with 150 out of school youths in the informal settlements of Eastland’s area in Nairobi as the target.
The grant provided will enable the group to contribute to poverty reduction through increased employment opportunities for self – reliance among 150 vulnerable youths in the non formal settlements of Eastland’s Nairobi.
Blue Cross Youth Community – Based Organisation
Blue Cross Youth Community Based Organization was formed in 2004. Its mission is to mobilize, through partnerships, a progressive community of young people constructively engaged in the collective achievement of self determination, social cohesion and entrepreneurial progression, as a strategy to tackle global youth poverty.
The grant provided will enable the group to contribute to the alleviation of poverty among the youth in Kisumu East District by facilitating the participation of young people in establishing viable business enterprises through mentorship and linkages to employment opportunities.
Legacy Arts Production
Legacy Arts Production, a youth theatre group located in Migori County, was established in 2007 and employs art to influence the participation of young people in sustainable community development.
Their “Talanta Pesa (Theatre Entrepreneurship)” project aims to reach 225 young people particularly women aged between 18 – 35 years in the rural areas of Migori County. The grant provided will enable the group to impart entrepreneurship and professionalism among the rural artists and create new market and development opportunities that would turn their artistic talents to a source of employment as well as influence youth`s active participation in sustainable community and national development processes.
Mumias Constituency Youth Group
Mumias Constituency Youth Group is a Community Based Organization that was started in 2009 and currently operates in Mumias Constituency, Mumias District, in Western Province. The CBO’s vision is to empower the youth with entrepreneurial skills, training and also offer capital to start their businesses or link them to employment opportunities.
Mumias Constituency Youth Group is implementing a “Youth Employment through Training on Poultry keeping and Entrepreneurship Skills Transfer” project. This project aims to benefit 25 unemployed young males and females of the age bracket of 18 – 35 years from Mumias District who have either dropped out of school, have little or no education whatsoever.

Author: youthcountyprojects

This platform seeks to fill the knowledge and awareness gap regarding youth projects being implemented in the 47 counties in Kenya. It also highlights projects focusing on youth being implemented in 47 counties in Kenya by the national government,county governments,donor agencies,civil society organisations (CSOs),Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs),Donor Agencies,Community Based Organisations (CBOs),private sector and individuals and their impact to the communities. The projects lie within the social pillar,economic pillar and political pillar as enshrined in Vision 2030. Email: youthprojectskenya@gmail.com Facebook Page: Youth Projects Kenya Twitter : @YouthProjects

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