Why Violet Mbiti Foundation,Vijana Network International Limited and Youth County Projects Kenya exists

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by offering quality projects that will empower socially, economically and politically the lives of 16 million unemployed youth from the 47 counties in Kenya that we believe we will reach. Want to partner with us?



Violet Mbiti is the Founder of  Youth County Projects Kenya (Blog) ,Vijana Network International Limited and Violet Mbiti Foundation.


Through our brand Youth County Projects Kenya we empower youth in the 47 counties socially,economically and politically towards achieving Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals by initiating projects at the grassroots.Focus areas we are currently engaged in include youth entrepreneurship,Sexual and Reproductive Health and Governance.We have youth groups at various counties as well as coordinators in the various counties.

With regard to Governance Violet Mbiti Foundation conducted a Gender Mainstreaming Workshop in Voi Town,Taita Taveta County courtesy of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.We brought together 60 women to the workshop.Violet Mbiti Foundation is currently  involved in the enactment of youth-friendly Nairobi County Development Plan courtesy of The International Republican Institute.We are currently engaging the County Executive and County Assembly in the Public Participation Process as well as County Budgeting.


With regard to youth entrepreneurship,we have created 122 jobs for youth in Uganda and Kenya respectively through our  Social Enterprise “Improved Cookstoves Project” which seeks to reduce deforestation,unemployment and indoor air pollution.In Kenya,we empowered youth with skills on how to construct improved cookstoves in Taita Taveta County and Machakos County respectively.In Taita Taveta 40 youth were trained as Trainers of Trainers and in Machakos 42 were trained.This was made possible through financial support from Taita Taveta County Government and GIZ En Dev Programme.We are scaling up to other counties.In June 2017, we were in Uganda courtesy of Social Innovation Academy where we created jobs for 40 youth from Uganda,Ethiopia and Democratic Republic of Congo..Some of the participants were from Nakivale refugee camp.

With regard to Sexual and Reproductive Health we are engaged in promotion of reusable sanitary pads and also involved in youth advocacy in the Kenya Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health Network together with Organization of African Youth Kenya Chapter.

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We are also partners in the JIACTIVATE youth movement.JIACTIVATE is a social movement by youth and for youth in Kenya.Click on the link below to learn more


Kindly find below areas we have been featured on social media

-We have been featured on German Global News Network DW Africa as well as on their news page .African Youth sent their message to G20 leaders who met from 10th July 2017 at a summit in Hamburg Germany.This was made possible at The 2017 Annual African Youth Conference organized by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Johannesburg,South Africa.Youth from various African Countries gave their views to the G20 Leaders.

 Article by DW Africa

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DW Africa TV link

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-We have also been featured on NTV,KTN,Pwani TV and KU TV for the Improved Cookstove Project.

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  • Is to approach stakeholders working with youth who can partner with us to reach out to the 16 million youth in Kenya through various projects that will empower them socially,economically and politically


  • We have youth groups in the 47 counties  whom we serve
  • Initiate projects that empower the youth socially,economically and politically by collaborating closely with stakeholders working with youth
  • We have a blog& social media accounts through which we disseminate youth projects&opportunities taking place in the 47 Counties


1.UN HABITAT Global Office-Establishment of One Stop Youth Resource Centers at the Counties in partnership with County Governments

2.County Governments-Promotion of Improved Cookstoves which reduces unemployment,deforestation and indoor air pollution

3.Adolescent and Youth Sexual Reproductive Health Network
We are among the youth organizations in the network

Jiactivate is a social movement by youth and for youth and we work closely with Organization of Africa Youth Kenya chapter who are the chair

5.International Republican Institute
Together with youth CSOs we are advocating for youth friendly Nairobi County Integrated Development Plan in conjuction with Nairobi County Executive and County Assembly

Why Vijana Network International Limited and Violet Mbiti Foundation

We believe that our clients’ success is our success. We understand our clients business needs, we comprehend their business specific language. We live the way they live. We help our clients explore extraordinary opportunities, manage and sustain growth, and maximize revenue.


I had been unemployed for three years despite applying for jobs severally.I therefore decided that instead of waiting for the Government to help me,it would be better to start volunteering my skills.That is how i landed  at a Community Based Organisation based in Machakos.While volunteering i saw the negative impact brought by unemployment among the youth,deforestation and health problems caused by indoor air pollution .I therefore decided to start a social entrepreneurship venture termed the Improved Cookstove Project in Wamunyu Ward,Mwala Constituency,Machakos County.I got a donor who funded the initiative which saw 42 youth imparted with skills on how to construct improved cookstoves.The artisans constructed 119 jikos within a week in Wamunyu Ward and currently have constructed more than 1,000 jikos in Machakos County where they earn between Ksh 3,000 -Ksh 5000 per jiko (USD 30-USD 50).Due to the positive effect of the project i said it will be great if other youth and organizations could also showcase their life changing projects that are transforming communities.I was also frustrated with not getting news on time regarding proposed youth projects as well as information when youth events take place in the 47 counties in Kenya.


Upon realising that gap I decided to start the blog “Youth County Projects Kenya” on October 12th 2015 which highlights youth projects and opportunities taking place in the 47 counties in Kenya being implemented by stakeholders working with youth.I also decided that I will initiate projects that will empower youth in the 47 counties in Kenya to eradicate unemployment as well as building them up socially,economically and politically.

A month later (that is in November 2015) we were invited to a high level meeting by International Monetary Fund who had convened 10 youth serving organizations from across Kenya.

At IMF offices in Nairobi,Kenya

We also participated at UN Women meeting the same month of November 2015.As a result of initiating community projects some of which were interfered with by politics, I was selected to participate in the Political Leadership and Governance Program offered by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) where i graduated in December 2015 as a Fellow.


In November 2015 I was selected as a Board Member of Hand in Hand Eastern Africa youth project that covers 22 counties in Kenya.In 2016,I participated as a judge in an entrepreneurship competition organized by Hand in Hand Eastern Africa that selected 4 winners who will travel to Sweden to pitch their ideas in May 2017.

Young Entrepreneurs who participated as finalists at the competition

Fellow judges at work

Violet Mbiti critiquing some of the ideas

2016 winners selected who will travel to Sweden in May 2017 to meet other successful entrepreneurs

I was invited as a panelist by the organisers of the African Union Heads of State and Governments Summit Youth Intergenerational Dialogue which took place in Addis Abbaba Ethiopia in January 2016.

I am an arms length from Her Excellency Dr Dlamini Zuma Head of African Union Commission during the Heads of States and Governments Summit 2016

Thereafter organisations sought to partner with us and that is how we formed Vijana Network International Limited and Violet Mbiti Foundation.

We carried our research on unemployment and underemployment situation facing Kenyan youth in 16 counties in conjunction with Altan Consulting.I was selected as a judge by National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND) to serve as a judge where we took part in selection of winners.

Violet Mbiti was selected by WECREATE Center Kenya to participate in a startup program which targets women entrepreneurs and is partially funded by US Government.Our training session lasted 15 weeks and we graduated in the Month of October 2016.

Graduation ceremony at WECREATE Kenya in October 2016

US AMB.jpg

That memorable moment during WECREATE Kenya 1st Anniversary Celebration (2016) when I shared to US Ambasador to Kenya Amb Godec about our Vision for Kenyan youth towards achieving Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.

Violet Mbiti was among the 30 African Young Entrepreneurs selected to participate in a 4 day residential workshop organised by United Nations University Tokyo and Africa Development Fund. The workshop took place during The 6th Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development (TICAD VI) 2016 which culminated with an address by The Minister of Youth,Gender Affairs and Public Service Mrs Sicily Kariuki as well the President of Africa Development Bank Dr Adesina.
CS Sicily.JPG



Violet Mbiti was also among the youth from 14 African Countries selected to participate in a 2 day workshop on Social Justice and Democracy organised by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung at Kunduchi Beach Resort in Dar es Salaam Tanzania in September 2016 and in June 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Violet Mbiti was also a delegate at the Global ICT Symposium organised by International Telecommunication Union and Communications Authority of Kenya in Nairobi in September 2016.Within the same month of September I travelled to Social Innovation Academy in Mpigi District Uganda on a benchmarking tour where they construct houses using Plastic Bottles,egg shells,tyres and polythene bags.I was also a panelist during the Social Media Week independent which took place in 4 cities Globally in September 2016.

d  Vijana Network International Limited in conjunction with Chanuka Association organized a Business Clinic in September 2016 which targeted young entrepreneurs who were facing challenges such as Branding,Social Media Marketing,Finance,Idea development among many other topics.



In October,I attended the Road to Nairobi Multistakeholder forum where Cabinet Secretary Madam Sicily Kariuki was the Chief Guest alongside Ambassador to Netherlands Amb Frank Makken



In December 2016,I attended the Second High Level Meeting for Effective Development Cooperation which took place in Nairobi ,Kenya.

Delegates at HLM2

At HLM2 Meeting

With Youth County Projects Kenya Coordinators for Mandera and Garissa Counties at the closing ceremony of HLM2


1.UN HABITAT Global Office-Establishment of One Stop Youth Resource Centers at the Counties in partnership with County Governments

His Excellency Governor Ranguma Kisumu County,Cabinet Minister for Youth Hon Jennifer,Member County of Assembly Hon Caroline Owen,Doug Reagan Head UN Habitat Global Office Department of Youth and UN Habitat Staff at UN Gigiri where they had paid us a courtesy call regarding the One Stop Youth Resource Center.

2.County Governments-Promotion of Improved Cookstoves which reduces unemployment,deforestation and indoor air pollution

jiko 1.JPG
jiko 2.JPG

Feature on Standard Newspaper
Governor Mruttu.JPG
His Excellency Governor Mruttu of Taita Taveta County during the Commission of the Improved Cookstoves Project in Mbale Wundanyi Ward where 166 jikos were constructed by 40 artisans within a period of one week.With him is Hon Mwongola,Member County of Assembly Mbale Wundanyi Ward and Hon Valerie,Nominated Member County of Assembly.The Project was funded by the County Government through the Ward Equalization Fund.

His Excellency Governor Amoth Rasanga of Siaya County who we paid a courtesy call to at his office in Siaya to discuss an upcoming youth project.
At His Excellency Governor Amoth Rasanga office where we paid him a courtesy call.

3. iAugmentor from India – we are working together to promote their technology enabled and learning platform in Kenyan Universities and Colleges which enables graduating youth to excel in interview skills for placement.

4.Global Peace Foundation Kenya-we are stakeholders in promoting peace ahead of the 2017 elections
From Far Right:Daniel Juma Country Director Global Peace Foundation Kenya and Bishop James Murunga of Grace Fellowship Church Bungoma

5.Adolescent and Youth Sexual Reproductive Health Network
We are among the youth organizations in the network.

Jiactivate is a social movement by youth and for youth.Research was carried out in the 47 counties where 2000 youth were interviewed by Geopoll and the results revealed Unemployment,Food Security,Health Care and Corruption are the major concerns for the youth.We thus partnered with Organization of African Youth,The Chair of JIACTIVATE,and reached out to youth in Machakos County who gave their views and Solution to the above problems.Youth in 37 counties  also gave their responses online and also via Sms.More than 100,000 youth gave their responses online


Primary Target:


Secondary Targets:

-Lifestyle Companies
-National Government
-Donor Agencies
-Private Sector


Trainees in Attendance.JPG

with trainees.JPG
His Excellency Governor Mruttu with some of the trainees.



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16 thoughts on “ABOUT US”

  1. Great work Youths Project Kenya. I just saw your advert on the 2weeks Africa-Japan business women exchange course taking place in Japan.

    I fall into d category of Fashion textile and apparel business woman. I would like know how it work out for me seeing I’m in Nigeria and not Kenya and when is the deadline for application.



  2. This is really inspiring.I am a 27 year old Cameroonian female and i started an organisation YEPA(Youths Eradicatig Poverty through Agriculture) to support and encourage youths to get into sustainable agriculture, and not the regular subsistence agriculture. A lot of youths are unemployed in my country as well, i have been a victim for a long time. So i decided to help young people. I am really inspired by Violet Mbiti.

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